Govt. Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur
সরকারি বেগম রোকেয়া কলেজ, রংপুর

Govt. Begum Rokeya College Rangpur

Message / Prof. Chinmay Barai

Prof. Chinmay Barai

Govt. Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur is situated in the city center. It is said to be the third oldest institutions of higher education in Bangladesh after Dhaka College and Chittagong College. Established in 1873 and within a short period after establishment, the college became one of the main centres of higher education for the inhabitants of East Bengal, North Bengal, Bihar, Purnia and Assam.** Govt. Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur was the first institution in the territories to offer bachelor and honours degree courses in various disciplines since 1878. The postgraduate Departments in Arts and in Law started in 1881 and continued till 1909 when they were withdrawn because the college could not meet the requirements of the New Regulations of the University of Calcutta but started again in 1993 under the affiliation of National University.The daily affairs of the college are run on the basis of guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Education.




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